Simultaneous / Oral Translation

Simultaneous  Translation / Oral Translation

Consecutive (Simultaneous) translation is the translation that takes place in organizations such as conferences, seminars and meetings when the translator is usually present with the speaker. In consecutive translation, the speaker speaks for a not long time. Meanwhile, the translator takes his notes and, when the speaker pauses, translates what was said to the audience. In this translation type, no technical equipment other than a microphone is used. It is very important that the translator who will translate consecutively conveys what is told to the audience in a clear and attentive manner.
Accompanying translation is the translation service provided during the hosting of foreign guests from abroad or during visits abroad. In accompanying translation, the translator accompanies the group during the visit and the trip, providing them with a kind of guidance as well as translation. In this respect, the translator who will make accompanying translation must have strong communication skills as well as language skills.