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Yalova Justice Commission Sworn Interpretation Service

The translation service to/in T.R. Courts and Court Offices; Family Court, Domestic Relation Court, Civil Court of First Instance, Criminal (Penal) Court of First Instance, Civil Court of Peace, High Criminal Court, Court of Appeal, Prosecutors/Prosecution Offices, Police Offices, Gendarmerie Units, Law Firms, Plaintiffs or Defendants and/or Attorneys/Lawyers, Land Registry and Cadastre Offices, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Marriage Offices, Municipalities and Other State Institutions.

Translation of Transactions and Documents of International Non-Profit Organizations

Disabled Athlete Licenses, Charity Organizations Documents, Foundation Documents etc.

Tourism and Travel Transactions and Documents Translation

Travel Contracts, Hotel and Accommodation Contract, Booking Documents, Registration Card, Travel Insurance Policy, Tourism and Hotel Management Agreements etc.

Technical Documents Translation

User Manual, Vehicle User Manual, Construction and Engineering Projects, Tender Documents, Addendum, Administrative Specification, Technical Specification, Work Completion Certificate, Construction Contract, Price Offer, Qualification Certificate, Authorization Certificate, Certificate of Conformity, Testimonial, Work Permit Certificate, Aviation Electronics Documents, Water Treatment Equipment Documents, Warranty Certificate, Label Samples, Electrical Engineering Documents, Chemistry Documents,  Chemistry Laboratory Analysis, Textile Products Documents, Cad and Cam Documents, Optical Documents, Documents about Liquid Fuels, Gas and Oils, Automotive Sector Documents, Electronic Communication Documents , Metallurgy Industry Documents, Food and Beverage Industry Documents, Telecommunication Services Documents, Documents about Ecological Environment, Sports Equipment Documents etc.

Sworn Maritime Interpreting, Maritime and Sailor (Seamen) Documents Translation

Seamen’s Identity Card, Seaman Health Report, Amateur Seaman’s Certificate, Certificate of Competence for Short Range Radio Operators, Radio License, Harbour Pilot’s Licence, Pilot Certificate, Professional Diver (Underwater Man) Qualification Certificate, Health Report Received From Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers, Diving Registration Book, Analysis Report, Maritime Analysis Certificate, ATA Carnet, ATR Certificate, CE Certificate, Distribution and Sales Certificate, Maritime Technical Guide, Customs Documents, Registration and License Maritime Documents, User’s Manual for Communication Tools, Technical Schema and Booklet, Bill of Lading Document, Manifesto Translation, Maritime Technical Specifications, TÜV Certificate, Maritime Invoice, Maritime Journal, Maritime Books, Maritime Journal, Maritime Documents, Maritime Correspondence, Maritime Contracts, Maritime Registries and Licenses, Maritime Technical Guides, Maritime Manifest Documents, Maritime Registration Documents, Maritime and Motor Vessel (Ship) Techniques, Maritime and Motor Vessel (Ship) Correspondence, Maritime Appraisal Report, Ship Licenses and Permits, Ship User Manuals, Ship Night Vision and Optical Systems, Motor Vessel (Ship) Machine Control Systems, Ship Surveillance Documents, Classic and ARPA Radar Translations, Satellite Communication Systems, Motor Vessel (Ship) Quality Certificates, Command Control Systems, Cooling and Air Conditioning Devices, Ship Heating Devices, Ship Accident Reports, Ship Treatment Devices, Ship Measurement Reports

Simultaneous  Translation / Oral Translation

Consecutive (Simultaneous) translation is the translation that takes place in organizations such as conferences, seminars and meetings when the translator is usually present with the speaker. In consecutive translation, the speaker speaks for a not long time. Meanwhile, the translator takes his notes and, when the speaker pauses, translates what was said to the audience. In this translation type, no technical equipment other than a microphone is used. It is very important that the translator who will translate consecutively conveys what is told to the audience in a clear and attentive manner.
Accompanying translation is the translation service provided during the hosting of foreign guests from abroad or during visits abroad. In accompanying translation, the translator accompanies the group during the visit and the trip, providing them with a kind of guidance as well as translation. In this respect, the translator who will make accompanying translation must have strong communication skills as well as language skills.

Personal Documents Translation

Passport, Identity Card, Driver’s License, Identity Register Copy, Family Register Copy, Certificate of Family Identity Register Copy with History, Residence Certificate (Place of Residence and Other Address Information), Birth Registration Certificate, Death Registration Certificate, Marriage Registration Certificate (Marriage Certificate Formula A), Certificate of Celibacy (Single Status Certificate), Marital Status Certificate, Certificate of Employment, Birth Certificate Formula B, Divorce Registration Certificate, Criminal Record Certificate (Police Certificate), Registration Correction Certificate, Custody Certificate, Relocation Certificate, Guardianship Certificate, Certificate of Absence, Recognition Certificate, Family Tree Certificate, Vehicle License, Income Certificate, Title Deed, Building Usage Certificate (Settlement), Title Deed Registration Certificate, Family Record Booklet, International Marriage Certificate, Bank Account Statement, Pass book, Income Certificate, Certificate of Incumbency, Mastery Certificate, Course Completion Certificate, Certificate of Expertise, Athlete Licenses, Sports Competition Correspondence, Football Player Contract, Basketball Player Contract, Volleyball Player Contract, Nationality Change Certificate, Apostille (Certificate of International Approval), Personal Blog, Website, Power of Attorney, Consent, Statement, Signature Statement, Marriage Contract, Lease Contract, Testament, Military Service Document, Residence Permit, Salary Certificate, Retirement Salary Letter, Retirement (Pension) Certificate, Social Security Institution (SSI) Documents, Social Security Organization for Artisans and the Self-Employed Documents, Government Retirement Fund of Civil Servants,  Address Declaration, Customs Declaration Form,  Life Insurance Policy, Health Insurance Policy,  Home Insurance Policy, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy (TCIP – Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool), Comprehensive Insurance;   Land Vehicles Insurance Policy, Hull Insurance Policy, Insurance Policies, Utility Bill, Electric Bill, Water Bill, Natural Gas Bill, Telephone Bill, Curriculum Vitae, WhatsApp Messages, E-mail Messages etc.

Notary Certified Translation Service

The translation service in all transactions of Foreigners made in the presence of a notary and the translation service of documents that have been translated in any language that require notarization, Notarial Documents Translation.

Media, Film and Literature Translation

Newspapers, Magazines, Journal, Scenarios, Articles, Books, Poems, Brochure, Catalogue, Booklet, Leaflet, Novel, Essays, Interviews, Voiceover and Dubbing Translation etc.

Legal Transactions, Judicial and Court Documents Translation

Litigation and Other Judicial, Arbitral, Administrative or Other Proceedings Translation, Request, 184 Form, Notice, Lawsuit Petition, Preliminary Proceedings Report, Trial Record, Reasoned Decision, Court Judgment, Finalization Statement, Court’s Final Order, Judicial Assistance Documents, Court Expert Report, Criminal Record Certificate (Police Certificate), Family Court Documents, Civil Court of First Instance Documents, Criminal (Penal) Court of First Instance Documents, Civil Court of Peace Documents, High Criminal Court Documents, Court of Appeal Documents, Investigation Files, Police and Gendarmerie Interrogating Proceedings, Court Sworn Interpretership, Police Gendarmerie, Gendarmerie Interpretership, Customs Enforcement Interpretership, Witness Statement, Testimony, Laws, Codes, Rules and Regulations etc.