Service Category: Advice

Translation Consultancy Service

In accordance with the Law and Regulations of the Republic of Turkey and general legislation and also according to International Law and Agreements, Expert Translator Consultancy Service for required translation by looking at the type, quality and transaction method of your translation documents according to your translation process.

Proofreading Service

The process of checking text or documents that have already been prepared in the native language or translated into the target language. Correctness of the text in proofreading; Spelling, punctuation, word usage, spelling rules, meaning and fluency are discussed and reviewed in detail.

Land Registry and Cadastre Expertise Transaction Services

Preparing Appraisal Report for Real Estate (Immovable) Purchase and Sale Transaction, Preparing Appraiser’s Report for Title Deed Share Transaction.

Consultancy for Immigration Services, Immigration Authority Transactions

Immigration Administration Application Procedures, Forms and Documents; Residence Permit Application Process for Foreigners, Work Permit Application Process for Foreigners and Renewal Applications Services by Internet Online, Citizenship Application Procedures and Documents Translation,  Asylum Application and Documents Translation Sanctuary Application and Documents Translation etc.

Forensic Expert Consultancy Services

Legal Counselling Service on Disputes and Court Processes in the field of International Relations and also in the fields of Business and Marketing, Legal Consultancy Service regarding your documents and transactions that require a Forensic Expert (Court Expert) and Interpreter, Providing Consultancy Services to Foreigners about all legal transactions and natural person or legal identity processes to be made by foreigners  in Turkey.

Foreign Trade, Import-Export, Customs and Transport-Logistics Operations Consultancy

Foreign Trade Correspondence, Preparing Export Contract, Import Contract, Business Contract and Trade Agreement, Import-Export Transactions, Preparing Overseas Customer Proposals, Proforma Invoice in English Export Invoice, Commercial Invoice in English, Packing List, Export and Customs Clearance, Import and Customs Clearance, Ensuring that your Export and Import Transactions are carried out with all types of delivery (EXW, FOB, FCA, CIF, DAB etc.), Receiving Permit Documents, Ensuring that your Export or Import Transactions are performed according to the most accurate payment methods (cash, cash against documents, letter of credit payments, insured sales, etc.), Import or Export Logistics Transport Transactions Follow-up, Checking Bill of Lading, Foreign Exchange Transactions and Accounting Support, All Foreign Trade Documents Translation etc.